February 2012

I remember those mornings, way back when, when it was time for school and I looked into the freezer and my eyes lit up at seeing those delicious toaster pastries with the icing sitting right there, just waiting to be eaten. Do you remember those? I loved them so–flakey and warm, and I loved the […]


I don’t know about you, but I just love this tag line. It sweet, it’s clever, and it definitely fits the movie that it’s attached to. Any idea what movie this tag line is for? Well, it’s for the Disney classic “Cinderella.” I love this movie–I have so many memories of watching this movie on […]


Good evening! Well, it’s been awhile. We’ve been slammed over here getting orders out to our awesome customers, and coming up with new treats, but it’s all good and fun. We had so much fun with our last and first giveaway (congrats again to our winners!), so we decided to have another giveaway at the […]


I just realized that this post is all about COOKIES!! Cookies are always so much fun–they’re mess free, you can grab ’em and go, and they’re always good with milk (hopefully you like milk)! They can be a little dangerous because you’ll probably find yourself (just as I find myself) grabbing more than one, and […]


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