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January 20, 2014

Well, the new year is finally here and just when I thought I’d have some time to relax after the hustle of the holidays…it’s already time for a new holiday! Valentine’s Day is now just around the corner; is it just me, or has the month of January gone by incredibly fast?

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I love creating styled photo shoots for various holidays or seasons. My Winter Woodland table was the first styled shoot I coordinated (and was featured on Hostess with the Mostess!), and now…I’m hooked! Just as I wrap up this one, I already have ideas for two more. Phew! It’s so much fun.

I love collaborating with people who have wonderful taste and style and I’m so lucky that I get to work with them on these shoots. Aracely of Minted & Vintage helps me figure out what perfect cake stands and display pieces to use from her collection, and boy-oh-boy, does she get it. I just give her a few details about what the shoot is about and the style/overall look I’m going for and she immediately knows which pieces will work well. I love being able to display my desserts on her pretty stands!

Then to capture it all, I’m so lucky that my dear friend Candace is such a fabulous photographer. She knows exactly what to do; I can just sit back and relax and she does her thing. She automatically knows what I’m looking for and what I need as far as different shots and her photos always make me smile.

The theme I went with for this Valentine’s Day is “Lace & Love Letters.” And can you believe it, but I have had this idea for a dessert table for over 2 years! I’m so happy that I finally got the chance to do it. I really wanted to stay away from the cliché and do something very romantic and timeless. I included lots of vintage ivory lace and even was able to drape some edible lace on the main cake and some of the sugar cookies. Chocolate “wax” seals adorned mini cupcakes and accented different parts of the table. I also hand painted gold script onto both cakes; the script is actual love letters written by famous men like Beethoven, Voltaire, and more. I was even able to include real vintage French love letters (dated from the 1930s, I believe) and created a little “writing” area on the table (actually, the table is my gold desk!), complete with vintage gold fountain pens, ink bottle, and the actual wax seal stamps that I used to make the chocolate seals. I love the entire setup, but that little “writing” area is my most favorite part of the entire table. Maybe because I’m a former writer? Possibly, but it’s just so lovely…who wouldn’t love it? The cakes were a lot of fun for me as well because I got to try out some new techniques; the quill on the main cake is made completely out of fondant, as are the gold fountain pens on the smaller cake. And the flowers on both cakes are made out of rice paper, both hand painted and colored.

I feel that this table is all about the little details. There’s so much to look at, even on the backdrop which is comprised of several of those famous love letters, vintage French post cards, gold frames filled with French script paper flowers that I painstakingly made by hand, and sweeping sheer fabric to frame it all. Anyway, that’s enough chit chat–here’s the final table…enjoy!

wholetable wholetable_side wholetable_frontcloseminis_cookiescloseup2 minis_cookies centertable_close3 centertable_close2 centertable_closewritingarea_3 smallcake_detail scriptcookies_close scriptcake_sidemacs_topwritingarea_2 lovemini largecake_feather largecake_detail2 eclairswritingarea_1 largecake_detail cookies_closeupcakes_side2 cakes_side cakeflowers_detail backdrop_detail amourminis

I also wanted to share some gorgeous pictures from that amazing Sleeping Beauty party that I provided desserts for back in October. This dreamy party was created by Aracely (Minted & Vintage) for her daughter Abby’s 3rd birthday party. And it was featured on Inspired By This and 100 Layer Cakelet! This was such a fantastic collaborative effort between so many talented vendors, including Melanie Rose Baking, Roni Sugar Creations, Love Anne Joy, and several others. I highly recommend taking a look at the featured pieces, if not only for the beautiful pictures of the entire party, but you can also get the information for all of the vendors involved. Here ya’ go!

abbysbdayweb-4396 abbysbdayweb-4407 abbysbdayweb-4406 abbysbdayweb-4410 abbysbdayweb-4409 abbysbdayweb-4408 abbysbdayweb-4430 abbysbdayweb-4427 abbysbdayweb-4416 abbysbdayweb-4415 abbysbdayweb-4403 abbysbdayweb-4402 abbysbdayweb-4398

I just love that cake (above). It’s so whimsical and vintage looking; I am so proud of it. Sienna Rose Photography captured everything so wonderfully; there has been so much positive feedback about these pictures, especially how they all look like a painting because it’s all so so dreamy!

And last but not least, our Valentine’s Day Menu is now available! Make sure to get your orders in soon since we book up so fast for the holidays, especially for the day of love.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I have several cakes that I’d like to share, but I’ll save those for another day.

‘Till next time…


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Rinie July 1, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Hi there!! I love the theme!! Believe it or not ive always imagined red and gold and lace all together and i am getting married next year with this theme!
Would you do my cake????:))))) and the dessert
Email me!


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