Black, Gold, and Navy Beauty

February 24, 2014

So my curse, I suppose, is that I come up with ideas for cake designs and dessert table themes quite often…and usually at great expense. But I guess I have that John Hammond attitude towards it all and just go with it, “sparing no expense” and getting it done. I also won’t really let myself relax until I get it done as well. The night I came up with this concept, I immediately emailed Aracely of Minted & Vintage and my friend and photographer Candace to get their input and to see if they were available to help out with this one. Thankfully, they were.

I was looking at one of my all time favorite home décor sites, One Kings Lane, and saw a color palette theme for furniture and other decorative items; that color palette was black, gold, and navy. I just knew that I had to do a theme of cakes inspired by this color palette–it was an absolute must. So I quickly whipped out my little notebook and started sketching out designs for three cakes. After several crumpled pages thrown in the trash and lots of scribbling, I finally had my three cakes. And so, the emails went out to my favorite gals to work with and we set a date. I know, I know…efficient, right?

So what’s the point of this shoot? Nothing in particular. There’s no holiday or season associated with this one, as there was with my previous shoots. This one is just for fun…just because I love these colors, I love the concept, and I really love the cakes…oh, and the macarons–I had leftover egg whites from orders, so I figured I’d throw in some macarons in coordinating colors. After I worked on Aracely’s 30th birthday cake a few  weeks ago, I really wanted to work with gold leaf again, so that makes an appearance in this setup, as well as wafer paper flowers, and hand painted details.

I have to say, the setup was pretty darn easy and took less than 15 minutes (unlike the 2+ hours the other setups took). This shoot was all about the color palette; no fancy background (just some gold frames); everything in white, and I LOVE how perfect Aracely’s white milk glass stands worked with this shoot. Those stands were my first choice for this shoot; I knew they’d be perfect and they definitely were. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these colors as much as I do!


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Amanda Van Brenk April 13, 2016 at 11:20 pm

What are the flavors?


The French Confection Co. November 20, 2017 at 9:58 pm

Hi Amanda, there are no flavors for these cakes since they were fake for the purpose of the photoshoot. I think the macarons were just vanilla.


Dylan August 17, 2016 at 8:43 pm

Hello I don’t know if anyone is still active on this website but I am planning to make navy blue macarons and I don’t want to mess the color up so I would like to know your process in coloring the macarons and what coloring you use. Thanks in advance 🙂


The French Confection Co. November 20, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Hi Dylan, I realize this is probably late, but we simply used Navy blue food coloring to tint the shells blue. You will need to use a lot, so keep in mind that they will tint your mouth blue when eaten. Hope your macarons turned out wonderful!


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