Don’t ya just love it when Friday rolls along!? I sure do, especially when it seems to have flown by so quickly–that’s when I know I had a productive week. And I sure did! How did your week go? Well, the Surprise Mother’s Day Cookie Giveaway has officially ended, and the results are in! The […]


Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! Next Sunday, May 13th, is the glorious day reserved for that special woman that we love so much: our mothers! But, I think everyday should be Mother’s Day–I mean, they do so much for their families, unselfishly, and do it for years and years and years. My mom has been […]


It’s Monday yet again, wow…how time flies! And it’s April too, I can’t believe how fast these months are going by, it’s unbelievable. It was a little more than six months ago that Be Sweet Bake Shop was born, I cannot believe how fast these six months went. And the next six months are going […]


What a busy week this has been so far, and it’s only Wednesday! But Wednesday’s are good days, the so-called “hump” day–I always found that to be a funny saying, but it’s true–you make it over the hump of the week and it’s an easy glide into the weekend. These last few days have been […]


Wow, it’s been awhile! So sorry for the lack of posts, we’ve been unbelievably busy over here, from working on orders, to coming up with new recipes and treats, to mapping out plans for our retail store! We’ll have more details about the store in a few more weeks, but for now, it’s time for […]


Good evening! Well, it’s been awhile. We’ve been slammed over here getting orders out to our awesome customers, and coming up with new treats, but it’s all good and fun. We had so much fun with our last and first giveaway (congrats again to our winners!), so we decided to have another giveaway at the […]


I just realized that this post is all about COOKIES!! Cookies are always so much fun–they’re mess free, you can grab ’em and go, and they’re always good with milk (hopefully you like milk)! They can be a little dangerous because you’ll probably find yourself (just as I find myself) grabbing more than one, and […]


It’s day two of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway, and we’re so excited! We can’t wait to see who the lucky three winners are! While we’re waiting to find out the results (which we won’t find out for another six days), we thought it would be nice to introduce another cupcake/cake flavor! It’s perfect for Valentine’s […]


Well, it’s finally the weekend and it always seem that the weekends are so much busier than the week–how is that possible? I guess it must be because the weekends are set aside for all of that computer work that has to get done. The week tends to fly by pretty darn fast, probably because […]


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