The French Confection Co.

Springtime In Paris

May 2, 2014

So a couple weeks ago was probably one of the busiest and most stressful weeks of my life; even more so than when I was in college and working full time. I mean, it really tested my ability to work on minimal sleep. However, regardless of how crazy that week was, it finally produced a […]

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Black, Gold, and Navy Beauty

February 24, 2014

So my curse, I suppose, is that I come up with ideas for cake designs and dessert table themes quite often…and usually at great expense. But I guess I have that John Hammond attitude towards it all and just go with it, “sparing no expense” and getting it done. I also won’t really let myself […]


Well, the new year is finally here and just when I thought I’d have some time to relax after the hustle of the holidays…it’s already time for a new holiday! Valentine’s Day is now just around the corner; is it just me, or has the month of January gone by incredibly fast?

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Say hello to our new name: The French Confection Co.! Yes, we’ve changed our name…surprised? Well, it’s something that I had been thinking about doing for awhile. It was a few weeks ago that I seriously began to think about it, finally putting it in my mind as something that I was going to do.


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