About the Shop

Welcome to The French Confection Co.

We specialise in a variety of French and American inspired pastries and baked treats, from French macarons, dacquoise, and palmiers, to cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and more.

Why The French Confection Co.? The French just have a way with butter and sugar that make us swoon, from their delicate pastries to their elaborately presented desserts. We want to make those amazing French desserts more accessible, as well as provide some of those traditional American favorites with a little French-inspired twist.

The world of pastry is deeply rooted in French methods and techniques, passed down from the master p√Ętissiers in France for generations, and we’ve combined our knowledge and love of French pastry with our own roots in American baking.

 Everything is made from scratch, made to order, and from the finest quality ingredients, including real sweet cream butter, European chocolates, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, and other gourmet ingredients.


For more information on ordering, check out our FAQs.



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