Easter 2014

Easter_toppageslideThank you for choosing The French Confection Co. for your Easter desserts!

This dessert menu will be available from March 28th to May 1st, 2014. Please feel free to call {818.951.1061} or email us {bonjour@www.thefrenchconfectionco.com} for any questions.

All orders must be placed 72 hours in advance, and can be placed by email or phone.

For more information regarding delivery and payment, see our FAQs.

Speckled Buttercream Cakes with Meringue Nests
colors: pink, yellow, blue
Available in any flavor; topped with a meringue nest and three
gold marbled chocolate truffle eggs;
pink egg filling: dark chocolate raspberry ganache
blue egg filling: blueberry lavender ganache
yellow egg filling: lemon cherry ganache

6″ | 50.00
8″ | 65.00
10″ | 80.00

Pink-Rose Strawberry French Macarons
pink strawberry shells filled with strawberry
buttercream, topped with a royal icing rose accent
2.25 each ~ 6 minimum

Blue Speckled Egg French Macarons
blue speckled egg shaped shells filled with dark chocolate ganache
1.80 each ~ 6 minimum

Lemon Raspberry Speckled Egg French Macarons
lemon flavored egg shaped shells filled with raspberry buttercream
1.80 each ~ 6 minimum

Strawberries & Crème Verrines
layers of fresh strawberries, pink pastry cream, vanilla
buttermilk cake, and crème chantilly topped
with mini gold speckled chocolate eggs

3.25 each ~ 6 minimum

Mini Meringue Nests with Chocolate Speckled Eggs
delicate meringue nests with a little shaved coconut, finished off with
three mini chocolate speckled eggs
1.75 each ~ 6 minimum

Gold Marbled Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs
chocolate eggs filled with creamy ganache:
pink: dark chocolate raspberry ganache
blue: blueberry lavender ganache
yellow: lemon cherry ganache
16.50 for 15 ~ specify which flavor(s)

Yellow Rose Sugar Cookies
4.50 each ~ 6 minimum

Gold Bunny Silhouette Sugar Cookies
4.50 each ~ 6 minimum

Blue Speckled Egg Sugar Cookies
4.00 each ~ 6 minimum

Mini Speckled Chocolate Eggs
rolled by hand with a delicious chocolate flavor; use to top cupcakes,
tarts, and other desserts, to top off drinks, decorate the
table, or just to eat!
10.00 for 30 assorted eggs in pink, yellow, blue

And for some table and setup inspiration, click here to see the blog post about our Easter menu!

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